SharePoint development has so many components that should be learned and understood

It is important for a developer to set up a SharePoint environment when attempting to do SharePoint development. Being a massive software with many elements, SharePoint is not easy to manage, thus SharePoint developers need all the best practices to succeed. Developing SharePoint solutions could involve a large number of related aspects.

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With SharePoint development, a design pattern approach is important. The design pattern is not only for implementation of code but also solves real life problems. The most common design patterns for the platform include the Repository, Model-View-Presenter, The Trusted Façade Pattern and Service Locator. SharePoint makes it easy to synchronize, store and share important content. A lot of SharePoint developers walk through the SharePoint environment unaware of the unfamiliar and interesting journey of discovery that awaits them. Often, it is hard to determine where to start.

Many developers not known about strange and interesting journey of discovery they’re about to begin. The following are some of the vital factors of the SharePoint platform that developers should learn.

1. It is vital to get to know one’s editions for when looking for solutions because there are times when a developer could come across those that are edition specific.

2. Looking at the database is discouraged because of two good reasons. First, Microsoft is very touch with regards to database and would not support any installation with software that modifies the SharePoint database. Second, the structured could give a lot of headaches.

3. It is important to have a good understanding of the front-end. It would give a good feel for a website design and thus what kind of layout users would want to see. Most of the actions done in a code would correlate to actions in the front-end and the structure as well.

4. Some SharePoint objects would not dispose automatically by themselves when no longer used. Disposing objects is the solution for this. However, it is not always advisable to dispose these objects all the time.

5. With the huge amount of SharePoint-specific terminology, which some could be misleading and inconsistent, learning the language is of vital importance.

6. A good book or reference is definitely more useful compared to a huge glossary when it comes to getting to know the SharePoint components. It is of utmost importance then to get an overview of all the components to avoid reinventing the wheel inadvertently.

7. A developer should find a suitable SharePoint Community to help expand SharePoint knowledge in general.

8. Learning to live with CAML or Collaborative Application Markup Language is another important factor. It affirms that flexibility is priority over usability.

9. It is important for a SharePoint developer to keep in mind that the platform is enormous. Moreover, it is a mind boggling framework with dark sides that even some SharePoint development teams have not checked out in years.

Every developer should also keep in mind that there is a lot to learn with the platform and some things one could never know. Having a good overview of the SharePoint components is essential. The various customizable components also means there is almost always more than a single solution to a problem. The first challenge with SharePoint is in discovering the presence of all the items that a developer does not understand yet. As soon as a developer gets a vague idea of all the components, then it is time to begin learning what each and every component is all about.


Interesting And Helpful Facts About Microsoft Sharepoint Application Platform

Developing apps for Microsoft SharePoint fundamentally varies from working with other development platforms. Furthermore, Microsoft SharePoint development offers an overview of the common kind of projects you could use to customize and extend SharePoint environment. For the last few years, SharePoint has experienced rapid adoption rate in the software field. As more and more companies starting to use the platform, there has been a significant increase in the number of development projects targeting the SharePoint environment.

It is interesting to note that every deployment of the SharePoint platform is based on a farm concept. SharePoint farm is a set of one or more server computers working together to serve up SharePoint sites and provide functionality to clients. For a development environment, you could set up a SharePoint environment through installing and configuring everything you need in a single server. In a production setting, a farm could include a dozen or more server computers. There are also several different products that are associated with SharePoint. For instance, one farm may be running SharePoint foundation while another is running SharePoint server. There are furthermore, numerous versions of SharePoint server which includes the Enterprise edition and Standard edition.

 When creating a new Microsoft SharePoint development project, you have to make assumptions regarding the kind of farms that you would target. For instance, the publishing features of the platform are included with all editions of SharePoint Server but not included with SharePoint foundation. If you build a project that builds on top of the SharePoint publishing features, you would not be able to deploy the project on SharePoint farms running only on the SharePoint foundation. SharePoint introduces a new deployment option that allows you to deploy a solution package as sandbox solution. When deploying a package as a solution, you could reduce the deployment scope from the level of the farm to that of a single site collection. There are some limitations on the functionality of sandboxed solutions as well.

 In general, the aim of developing in SharePoint is to extend or customize sites in a farm. You must create these kinds of projects as SharePoint projects by utilizing SharePoint development tools in Visual Studio 2010. Nonetheless, you could also develop a desktop app that could access a SharePoint farm over the network.

New projects that utilize the SharePoint development platform in general fall into one of the following categories:

 1. Site-level administrative apps

 2. General business solutions

 3. Client-side applications

 4. Specialized services and components

 5. Farm-level administrative apps

Majority of the new SharePoint projects are designed to benefit SharePoint users directly and make their jobs easier. These projects are considered as general business solutions. Such projects typically provide site functionality and elements. While general business solutions aim to target ordinary business users, it is also typical to develop SharePoint development that offers user functionality who are in the role of web owners and site collection administrators. The  kinds of functionality that is provided in these types of SharePoint solutions may include the backing up recent content, automation of archiving older content and refreshing local lookup lists by calling internet services over the network.

What Are Benefits You Will Get Using Sharepoint Application?

SharePoint development is very popular nowadays. In fact, most businesses in the world today are now using this platform to boost their business applications. The platform is extremely popular because there are just so many things one can achieve from it.

Some of the benefits in SharePoint development you can find below:

 1. SharePoint software development facilitates exchange server functionality. Companies often use Exchange server in order to manage email traffic on their website. With SharePoint techniques are used in developing these sites, it could help in easy distribution of email. All Exchange traffic is accumulated at one point and then distributed securely at a click to a group or groups.

 2. SharePoint development can also be scaled in order to match the present day needs. Developers could craft an application which could be modified to include more and more people and a bigger part of the organization.

 3. SharePoint is customizable regardless of the introduced platform development. Its integration with FrontPage makes certain that it is highly customizable.

 4. Applications that are developed using SharePoint software development could directly publish forms which are delivered by InfoPath and which could then be accessed, used and shared by the team members.

 5. Make dynamic storage systems. The Metadata in SharePoint development could be used to tailor-make search arguments so you could dynamically organize information. It’s very different from a traditional approach that allow users to create metadata lookups  to be used to look for arguments in the library for which it is created as well as on other libraries.

 6. SharePoint software development aims to provide a distribution point where data could be transferred to other sources with the use of various transport modes. The site moving utilities could be used in transferring data from one server to another depending on the kind of site and content.

 7. SharePoint converts word libraries to collaborative systems. Aside from document management you could use the task pane in transferring documents to libraries. Moreover, you can also use it for monitoring tasks, check documents version and status, track and define access to documents and create alerts as well.

 8. Pull out data from external databases and other sources. SharePoint development could help in adding views from specific data sources. Furthermore, it also allows users to make site specific views and link them.

sharepoint consultants9. SharePoint supports data export to Excel very well. It makes graphing and printing easier and more convenient. It also adds document easy manageability.

10. The site back up becomes more convenient since SharePoint development makes site migration so much easier with its wonderful ability to move a website included in the form of SMIGRATE and STSADM utilities.

With SharePoint, you and your team of developer could create custom apps and components to quickly respond to business needs. With familiar tools to make Web parts, external content type and workflow activities could be used in making SharePoint solutions. A whole set of extensibility APIs also allow you to customize SharePoint implementations. Furthermore, you could count on community support training to help you do your work in SharePoint effectively and quickly.

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