SharePoint development has so many components that should be learned and understood

It is important for a developer to set up a SharePoint environment when attempting to do SharePoint development. Being a massive software with many elements, SharePoint is not easy to manage, thus SharePoint developers need all the best practices to succeed. Developing SharePoint solutions could involve a large number of related aspects.

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With SharePoint development, a design pattern approach is important. The design pattern is not only for implementation of code but also solves real life problems. The most common design patterns for the platform include the Repository, Model-View-Presenter, The Trusted Façade Pattern and Service Locator. SharePoint makes it easy to synchronize, store and share important content. A lot of SharePoint developers walk through the SharePoint environment unaware of the unfamiliar and interesting journey of discovery that awaits them. Often, it is hard to determine where to start.

Many developers not known about strange and interesting journey of discovery they’re about to begin. The following are some of the vital factors of the SharePoint platform that developers should learn.

1. It is vital to get to know one’s editions for when looking for solutions because there are times when a developer could come across those that are edition specific.

2. Looking at the database is discouraged because of two good reasons. First, Microsoft is very touch with regards to database and would not support any installation with software that modifies the SharePoint database. Second, the structured could give a lot of headaches.

3. It is important to have a good understanding of the front-end. It would give a good feel for a website design and thus what kind of layout users would want to see. Most of the actions done in a code would correlate to actions in the front-end and the structure as well.

4. Some SharePoint objects would not dispose automatically by themselves when no longer used. Disposing objects is the solution for this. However, it is not always advisable to dispose these objects all the time.

5. With the huge amount of SharePoint-specific terminology, which some could be misleading and inconsistent, learning the language is of vital importance.

6. A good book or reference is definitely more useful compared to a huge glossary when it comes to getting to know the SharePoint components. It is of utmost importance then to get an overview of all the components to avoid reinventing the wheel inadvertently.

7. A developer should find a suitable SharePoint Community to help expand SharePoint knowledge in general.

8. Learning to live with CAML or Collaborative Application Markup Language is another important factor. It affirms that flexibility is priority over usability.

9. It is important for a SharePoint developer to keep in mind that the platform is enormous. Moreover, it is a mind boggling framework with dark sides that even some SharePoint development teams have not checked out in years.

Every developer should also keep in mind that there is a lot to learn with the platform and some things one could never know. Having a good overview of the SharePoint components is essential. The various customizable components also means there is almost always more than a single solution to a problem. The first challenge with SharePoint is in discovering the presence of all the items that a developer does not understand yet. As soon as a developer gets a vague idea of all the components, then it is time to begin learning what each and every component is all about.


The Significance Of Custom Sharepoint Development And What It Offers To Business Organizations

SharePoint ConsultantsCustom SharePoint development has been getting a lot of attention these days. SharePoint comprises of a multi-purpose set of web technologies useful for many organizations backed by a common technical infrastructure. SharePoint services are used widely in a lot of countries and almost in all countries in order to keep track of their day-to-day documentation and activities.

 Custom SharePoint development is mostly used for intranet applications. The complexity and growth of business and management functioning goes along with it, demands a tool that helps in tracking, monitor and connect various departments in a company. Custom SharePoint is an excellent business tool for collaboration as well. It allows for creation of external and internal websites and specialized applications like blogs and wikis as well.

A Custom SharePoint development provider should have a team that has a strong understanding of the platform, its database and object model and web services. Customers could maximize software and business performance with SharePoint. One of the most vital aspects of SharePoint planning is identifying customizations on the source system and make decisions whether to update, migrate as is or retire them from the plans. Customization has a direct impact on the SharePoint migration success. SharePoint development has a huge steep learning curve and literally takes years to get good at not just developing solutions but also using the correct tools and techniques to develop solutions. There are plenty of facets to consider when selecting how to architect a solution as well as the tools available.

 sharepoint consultantsThe capabilities of SharePoint make it irresistible for business owners to have a development done for their business. There are many advantages of SharePoint to businesses. For instance, SharePoint helps people work as a group. They could work collectively to be able to achieve a common goal. They could share documents and other vital information and protect information as well. The system requirement for the development of SharePoint is just Microsoft Office and the process of installation is very simple and application use is also very simple. The SharePoint’s capabilities could be segregated under different heads. It is designed in such a way that even normal users could control its functions and tools without prior understanding of technicalities, a great advantage to businesses and organizations. SharePoint development has the ability to surpass different websites, extranet and intranet portals, files and document management, social networking services, enterprise search and business intelligence tools.

sharepoint consultantsSharePoint in business has the ability to integrate enterprise application software like CRM, ERP seamlessly. The tools could facilitate the organization with various features. The features could include website management, community management, content management and insights. Website management easily modifies or changes the content of a web page, add or remove interaction, apply new designs or themes, make documents and website available offline and more. Community management provides some of the best collaboration tools that allow anyone to search for business information, share ideas, expertise and find people. Insights allow everybody access to business information. With the interactive dashboard and scorecards, the user could use information easily in business apps, reports and database. There are many companies which can help in sharepoint implementation. Microsoft sharepoint partner list can be found from here. Alternatively, one can look at Indian companies like Wipro, TatvaSoft, Infosys or Cognizant for cost saving. Many companies are using open source applications like Liferay and Alfresco for higher cost savings. However, open source systems have their own limitations and one should study first before implementation.